The Glenelg Ferry


The ferry which plies its way over Kylerhea Narrows from the mainland at Glenelg to Kyle Rhea on Skye, is the last surviving manually operated turntable ferry in the world.  The last of a once ubiquitous line of such ferries operating on the West Coast, the Glenachulish is now in community ownership and the Community Interest Company which runs the ferry recently established a charity arm. Operating from Easter to October the ferry is a great tourist attraction as well as providing a shorter, alternative crossing, to the Skye bridge.

Quite apart from it giving access to Skye and all that that beautiful island has to offer, the experience of crossing on the ferry is worthwhile in its own right. The short wait for the ferry, and the even shorter crossing, often provides an opportunity to see otters or sea eagles feeding in the narrows, or dolphins and even basking sharks passing through.

Come down to meet the jovial crew of friendly folk who man her.  The old lighthouse is an interesting experience and is always open for a brew while you wait for your passage, or if you are just “ferry watching”.  It’s self service but there’s nothing better than sipping on a hot cuppa while you wait and watch.

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