Team MacAskill win first Winter Pub Quiz!

The big events continue in Glenelg and yesterday saw the welcome return of the Thursday night “Winter Pub Quiz” in the Glenelg Inn.

Nine teams of varied intelligence gathered to fight it out by the hallowed bar, names like the Clangers, Team MacAskill and the infamous Bar Stools (featuring Team Pollytunnel) put pen to paper in the quest for the highest score. As the night wore on and the questions came, some scribbled answers down while others looked pleadingly at team mates for a glimmer of knowledge.

At the end of the 60 questions, papers were swopped for marking and at this time the usual looks of recognition came with remarks like “I knew that” or “I TOLD you it was that” plus a few wee sweary words too!

You could, (if everybody had kept quiet), have heard a pin drop as quizmaster Duncan (Duffer) MacLeod stood to announce the team scores. There was the usual relief and a sigh from most teams when they heard someone else had come last. The tension mounted as the lower ranks were read out and at the half way mark Team MacAskill realised (with genuine shock) they were still in the running. Laughing hysterically as they reached the top 3 they had to be constrained and calmed as they were finally announced as the victorious winners.

 Lowest score was 29 out of 80ish and Team MacAskill won with a score of 49 (well I did say varied intelligence!)

 The prize, a box of chocolates was opened by Rab who graciously walked through the crowd asking “would you like a chocolate from the winner?”

 (A note here, it wasn’t actually called “Team MacAskill”. I honestly can’t remember the proper name of the Team but Rab MacAskill did mention that the other team members, Brian, Jack and Scott,  did little to contribute to the answers and he more or less had to “carry” them to victory.)

Rab with head boppers (Sorry Rab, it was this photo or the one of you getting sent off at a Glenelg FC match!)

 (Another note, Pupils will be interested to hear that Rab, who is a teacher at Plockton High School, got the only religious question (on the Ten Commandments) wrong. One of the subjects Rab teaches is religious study!)

 All are welcome at the Inn next Thursday night for the weekly “Winter Pub Quiz”

 ps: Most people would think this event unworthy of a mention in a prestigious website like but Rab insisted it should be added at the earliest opportunity!!

pps: Thanks go to the Glenelg Inn for supplying the mid time (very tasty) sausage rolls.

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