Stargazing – What you might see on the night

“Stargazing” at the Space, Stars and Mars event, Glenelg (Earth) Sat 20th Oct

Come join the most eminent astronomy experts in the land to watch, via telescope, outer space from Glenelg (Earth) and hear about the universe from those who know it best. Hear Scotland’s Astronomer Royal, Professor John C. Brown, astound you with knowledge and answer your questions. Look for craters on the surface of the nights first quarter crescent Moon. Gaze at Jupiter and its moon. A meteor shower is forecast for the evening – so shooting stars should be visible throughout the night. Spot satellites gracefully gliding through the atmosphere. It may also be possible to see Mars itself setting. A “once in a blue Moon” (or should that be “once in a red Mars?!”) opportunity, not to be missed.


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