Space, Stars and Mars – Event “under construction”

With the final countdown well under way, things are taking shape for the Space, Stars and Mars event on Saturday……

A highly professional company sets up the main marquee


Then “Team Glenelg” step in………….

“It’s the instructions for the small marquee, anyone read Chinese?! “

“It’s in Japanese this time”

“It looks higher in the instruction sheet.”

The bag with the poles is finally found.

A priority for the night, the Mars Bar under construction!



 Meanwhile in the Community hall…… 

Even in the high tech “race for space” a great British tradition is preserved as the “Glenelg Goody Bag Stuffing Team” takes a tea break!



Meanwhile at the Glenelg Inn……

The Glenelg Inn marquee – The scene is set for the “Hog roast”


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