Space, Stars and Mars day, in pictures

Every picture tells a story and though some here may look bizarre, they give a view of the Glenelg (Earth) “Space, Stars and Mars” day and (just a few) of the people that made it happen.

The Green Team – feeding Earthlings and Tartan Martians too! (In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support)

Glenelg Mountain Rescue Team (AKA Parking and Security)

The “Glenelg Cleaning Company” (Cleaners for the Stars!)

Tartan Martians plus a (large) “Cuilin Fool” (

Cutting the ribbon – Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, Prof John Brown and Emma MacLean

Geocache Glenelg – Watch for future details on this!!

“Stargazer” Beer – The Glenelg Shop is the only place on Earth (or Mars) this is available!!

The Garmin Geocache Desk

Glenelg Car Park (AKA Glenelg FC Stadium!)

“Is there anybody out there?!

Retired Astronaut Bonnie Dunbar with Glenelg and Arnisdale Local Development Officer Emma MacLean

The Audience builds in numbers

NASA – We have contact!

Invitation to Space, Stars and Mars

Astronomer Royal, Professor John Brown

The “other” Glenelg

Even Astronauts come to Glenelg for a weekend break!

The “Live Link” to Doug McCuistion, the Director of the Mars Exploration Program in NASA

And the next speaker is……………

all the way from the USA…………..

Bonnie Dunbar!!

Even more cram into the Marquee

Standing room only

NASA produced a nice comparison photograph of Glenelg (Earth) and Glenelg (Mars)

Emma presents John and Bonnie with a copy of the “NASA SPACE SHUTTLE Owners’ Workshop Manual” signed by the people of Glenelg who helped produce the event. (Dougs is also on it’s way to him)

A stunning sign is unveiled by Dr. Bonnie J Dunbar “Honoring the historic journey of NASA’S Rover ‘Curiosity’ to Glenelg, Mars”

At the same time the beast is almost ready for the Hog Roast at the Glenelg Inn

The Hog Roast – a popular venue when the talks finish!

The “Mars Bar” opens for the start of the Tartan Martian Ceilidh.

These bar maids are definitely from another plant!!

Charlie Mac goes heavy on the make up!

Now that IS scary!

Ceilidh “snacks”, a feast on planet Earth

Plus some tasty home baking – you wont get this on Mars!

Getting ready for take off, another dance at the Tartan Martian Ceilidh

The start of a long nights dancing

And the band played on. The local Cast Ewe band plus guests doing their stuff in style.

Winner of one of the big Raffle Prizes, Charlie was last seen headng for the hills to try his new tent out!

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