Glenelg and Arnisdale Community Development Plan Launched

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The Glenelg and Arnisdale Community Development Plan assesses the main areas of potential community development in terms of:

  • employment
  • housing and infrastructure
  • creating sustainable sources of income

for the benefit of the community.

The plan creates a vision for the community for the next 5 years with some emphasis on shorter term and longer term projects.  It helps to identify what the local community would like to achieve in relation to the key elements listed above.

Download the Community Development Plan

Download the 2012 Community Development Plan – Glenelg & Arnisdale

Highlights of the Plan: Current projects

Here are some highlights of projects we are working on:

Glenelg & Arnisdale Community Portal (website)
The new website aims to showcase our area.  However, it will also provide an important platform for communication of local news and events and is available for use by all local community groups, local businesses and services.

Timeline: Launch by the end of March 2012 with ongoing content management and site development

Securing NHS future provision – In hours and out of hours care
The community will continue in its discussion with the NHS to ensure the area maintains provision of access to emergency care, both in hours and out of hours.
Timeline: Ongoing

Renewable energy projects

Ardintoul Hydro
GADT (Glenelg and Arnisdale Trust) are working in partnership with other agencies to progress this project.

Timeline: If project is identified as being viable in the next engineers report, this project could be realised within 2 years.

Ardintoul Wind
GADT are working in partnership with other agencies to progress this project.

Timeline: If resource is measured to be viable, this project could be realised within 2 years.

Arnisdale River Hydro
GADT wish to work with the local landowners to take forward this project.

Timeline: Initial discussion with landowner to explore the potential for community involvement in such a scheme and also their interest and willingness to be involved in such a project.

Kylerhea Narrows Tidal Development
Currently there are two developers interested in progressing tidal projects in the Narrows.  GADT are speaking to both to ensure the community is consulted and stakes its interest in all potential developments.

Aside from speaking with these developers, GADT directors are arguing that the lease of the seabed should be to the Community, rather than developers.  The discussions continue.

Highlights of the Plan: Future projects

The following areas were mentioned most frequently by respondents to the community survey as being priorities for future projects in the area:

Marine Development
There is a growing market in Marine Tourism and a willingness within the community to support such developments.  A venture like this could potentially culminate in job creation, generate local revenue and enhance the visiting and local experience.

Provision of care for the elderly (probably in partnership)
The Community has identified a gap in the provision for this age group and demonstrates a willingness to support a locally provided service.  A venture like this will provide job creation; self sustain and allow the needs of our elderly to be catered for locally.

There is a local need for provision of affordable housing or land which provides an affordable option on which people can build.   Partnership project.

Tourism – Destination Glenelg & Arnisdale
To co-ordinate and develop the existing and potential of this area to promote adventure tourism opportunities.

While Glenelg & Arnisdale has a rich history, there is little in the way of organised opportunity for adventure tourism, and, arguably, a distinct lack of opportunity for tourists to enjoy, in particular, sea excursions for sightseeing, cultural visits, wildlife spotting etc., as well as fishing trips.

Organising and developing adventure tourism opportunities in this area would provide a direct source of income for people in the area and will have positive benefits for the hospitality sector and other local services in increasing tourist numbers.

Arnisdale / Corran Bunkhouse
To establish an affordable sleeping facility for individuals, families or groups who wish to visit the area for typically short periods (1- 2 nights) or for those who may be passing through (walkers, mountain bikers, divers, kayakers etc).

Accommodation of this type would provide the opportunity for the area to generate revenue from the high footfall of these groups who otherwise pass by or, if equipped will camp wild and not contribute to our economy.  The facility would generate revenue and potentially provide a supplementary income for someone who would be required to manage it.

Download the Community Development Plan

To read more about our plans for the community:

Download the 2012 Community Development Plan – Glenelg & Arnisdale

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