Broadband project update as at 13/7/13

Broadband Update

There is a need for this project to evolve through various stages and we would seek to

keep  you informed of our current progress.



a) Prove Technical Viability.



b) Assimilate evidence of support/demand for project.

Done. Near unanimous community interest in project.


c) Obtain costings for:-

Power supplies,Network Provision, Distribution Hardware, Way leaves etc., and formulate a                         Business Plan for the entire project.

Nearing Completion.


d)  Hold public meeting to try to determine a costing against bandwidth option consensus.



e)  Final sign up followed by phased roll out.




HIE/Community Broadband Scotland who potentially could provide funding for up to 80% of the cost are currently looking to provide a pro forma way leave document suitable for presentation to all land owners.

While awaiting this we are in active negotiation with the Forestry Commission so that the process can then move on apace.

We are indebted to CBS, Marine Harvest, Peter Buneman and Will Waites for their support and advice on this project.



































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