Bangers, burgers and bonfires

There was a good turn out at the Glenelg community bonfire last night. The week has seen local dumper trucks and JCBs trundling through the village with loads of “excess” trees, lumps of wood and other inflammable materials which would ensure a large bonfire and a good case of light pollution amongst the “dark skies” above Glenelg. The bonfire blazed and despite the rain starting just before things kicked off, there were the obligatory “ooohs” and “aaaahs” as the bangs, flashes and starbursts lit the sky.

Donnie Lamont and Ronnie MacDonald cooked and served up the best burgers in Glenelg, until they ran out of stock. (Note: Ronald MacDonald is the original Ronald MacDonald and should not to be confused with the clown who advertises those other burgers!)
As the fireworks ran out and the cold sleety rain continued we found we were not the only ones who retired to the bright lights of the Glenelg Inn. Much later as we walked home the fire was still burning bright and as everyone had gone home the rain has stopped too, isn’t it always the way?!! Anyway, a sell out of burgers and a heavy donation bucket means there will be enough funds for next years bonfire night ensuring the continuation of another Glenelg tradition.

Ps:Just a thought but I wonder if “Curiosity” could see the bonfire from our village twin location – the “other” Glenelg on Mars!!

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