Alasdair Davidson Trophy Match.

Alasdair Davidson Trophy Match.

Support The Legends, Sat 6th Oct

This Saturday in Glenelg, two football teams come to play for the coveted;

Alasdair Davidson Trophy.

On one side, a team of young, fit and skillful teenagers, the other, although lacking in youth, fitness and (some would say) skill, have a much better knowledge of good malts, this in turn helps control the pain involved when running around a pitch for 90 minutes! They are known throughout the world (well, around the village anyway) as

“The Legends”

This years dream for “The Legends” is to win (nothing wrong with having a dream!) and has led to many recent team talks in the Glenelg Inn on tactics. Actual training is deemed unnecessary, it’s the experience that counts, doesn’t it?!!

Unfortunately due to the extortionate fee requested by Glenelg FC, Sky TV will not be showing the match live so if you want to see if the dream ends well for “The Legends” (or just becomes a nightmare) the best way is to come and see for yourself.

You can’t have a real footy match without supporters and some players may be looking for both emotional and physical support, please don’t let them down, (or if you do, make it gently, they bruise easily at that age!)

Match starts 4.00pm, Saturday 6th Oct at the Glenelg Stadium

Please come and support your local old folk Legends

Legends of old.

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