Meeting notes: 17th November 2011, Kyle Rhea Liaison Group

Meeting held in Glenelg Village Hall

  • Stuart MacPherson (SM), Highlands and Islands Enterprise
  • Ian Philp (IP), Highlands and Islands Enterprise
  • Emma Maclean (EM), Local Development Officer
  • Joseph Kidd (JK), Marine Current Turbines (MCT)
  • John Angus Maclean (JM), Glenelg & Arnisdale Community Council
  • Michael Francis (MF), Glenelg & Arnisdale Development Trust
  • Andy Law (AL), Kylerhea resident
  • Jim Coomber (JC), Isle of Skye Ferry (CIC)
  • John Bannister (JB), Kylerhea resident
  • Bruce Taylor, Forestry Commission
  • Gemma Keenan (GK), Royal Haskoning

Summary notes of discussion:

Introduction – Chair

Introductions took place round the table and after discussion it was agreed that HIE would be an appropriate organisation to chair the group, SM confirmed he was happy to take this on.

Aim of Liaison Group

It was agreed that the main aim of the group is to ensure that the local community is kept fully up to date with activities and progress related to the proposed tidal array project at Kyle Rhea.
The group will also provide a forum for the local community to provide feedback to the developer, and an opportunity to explore local benefits that come from the development of the project. The group is not part of the formal planning process – further public meetings will be hosted by the developer so that input into the planning process can take place.

Membership / Representation

The membership of the group was discussed and it was agreed that the relevant local organisations were represented round the table.
It was agreed that, to keep the group focussed, each local organisation would be represented by one individual at the meetings. It was felt that the Kylerhea community may be underrepresented so two representatives from Kylerhea was felt to be appropriate. AL did acknowledge a potential conflict of interest in that he is undertaking professional survey work related to the proposed project.
It was felt that membership of the group should be limited to representatives of local organisations rather than extending it to also include interested individuals. However discussion would take place regarding how future meetings might enable individual input and questions.
The community liaison group will engage with developers who have obtained an agreement for lease from the Crown Estate.
It was suggested that it may be worth having representation for the recreational sailing community locally. JK will contact RYA and local sailing contacts to discuss possible involvement.
It was agreed that inshore fishing interests would be dealt with through engagement with a Fisheries Liaison Officer employed by SeaGeneration (Kyle Rhea) Ltd. JK will follow this up and progress reviewed at each liaison group meeting.


The methods of ensuring information is effectively disseminated was discussed and it was agreed that a website would be the most accessible method of making info available. EM has proposed a Community Portal which could contain information on all activities of interest in the immediate area to be used by the Community Council, the Development Trust, the Skye Ferry Company etc. It was agreed that this may be a suitable place to hold information on the Liaison Group and the proposed tidal energy project.
EM agreed to produce a summary note of the discussions at each meeting which would be made publically available.
It was agreed that SeaGeneration (Kyle Rhea) Ltd would provide a briefing document providing an update of the work that has been carried out over the last period, highlight any key issues that have come up, and give an indication of work planned for the near future. The briefing document would accompany a note of the discussions held for each Liaison Group meeting.
Hard copies of all meeting notes and accompanying briefing documents will also be made available at locations to be agreed including from the Local Development Officer EM directly.
A press release will be made to highlight the formation of the group.

Future meetings

It was agreed that at this stage meetings every 3 months would be sufficient. Hence the next Liaison Group meeting will be held in February 2012. This will be under continual review.

The location of the meetings was discussed and it was agreed that this should be rotated due to the distances involved, with the next meeting to be held somewhere equi-distant for Glenelg and Kylerhea based members.

If it is thought useful SeaGeneration (Kyle Rhea) Ltd will organise short presentations for each meeting to provide further info on the Environmental Assessment work, Navigation issues, etc.


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