Car Share

You can contact us up to 3 days before you travel if you are the driver and up to 2 days before if you are wanting to share – All travel is at your own risk and we recommend that you arrange a donation before hand but it should be at least 15p* per mile for a contribution to fuel. At this time the service is operated by telephone only.

If you leave a message please state clearly

* Your Name

* Your Telephone Number

(Mobile phones are acceptable but you must be able to receive a signal)

* Your Location or Address

* Your chosen destination

* Your date of travel

* Driver or sharer

Please have the above information ready before calling.

The number to call is 01599 522776 the number has an answering machine when not manned which is normally 08:00 until 18:00 Monday to Saturday.

Thank you for using this service provided by the Glenelg & Arnisdale Development Trust.



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