New Path in Corran for Visitors

It all happened in a Week.

I came home from school one week and a brand new path had appeared!  This path gives a way to the track that goes through Glen Arnisdale.

New Path In Corran

I drew this line to show where the path leads


What I Think the Path Will Be Useful for:


  •  A quicker route for the residents and visitors of Corran as to going along the road to get to the bridge
  • A new way for the public to explore
  • A guide for visitors of the area to explore
  • You could use it for fitness
  • There are probably much more possibilities

I also think there are some down sides…

  • This path does stop half way through which could result in people going the wrong way
  • This path has kissing gates which could be a problem to people with large items, e.g. a bike!


I asked a few people what they thought on the Path…

“I don’t like this path because it stops half way through it and also because there are kissing gates I can’t bring Archie (My Horse). But I like the part with stepping-stones.” Beth Ballantyne, 15, Local Resident.


The Path randomly stops in the middle of nowhere!

“I think this is a very good path but I think it could do with a bit more signs to show people where to go because there might be some people who might not know where to go!” Willie MacKenzie, Local Resident.

 How I think the path will end up being used in the future…

I think this path will be used very well both by the general public and also the local residents. I think the public will end up using it as an alternate route to the zig-zag meanwhile I think the locals will use it mostly in the summer lots of different activities ranging from farming to swimming! I know I’ll be using it next summer! 🙂


This is the kissing Gate in Corran

This is where the path starts in Corran

Stepping Stones! 🙂

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