A hidden gem in the North West of Scotland, not known by many, but loved by those who discover it, and always in the hearts of those who leave it


Rarsaidh Islands, Loch Hourn

(view towards Arnisdale and Corran looking over the Rarsaidh Islands)

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In and around Glenelg and Arnisdale

Glenelg & Arnisdale are hugged by mountains which feature prominently to create the dramatic landscape of this peninsular scenic Community.  It’s a wonderfully quaint wee spot, very pleasing on the eyes and makes a great place to live or a great place to “get away from it all!”

The journey to reach here is only the beginning of the experience but often the most talked about, as you arrive by road via Mam Ratagan which goes from sea level to 1116ft has several hairpin bends and is mostly single track!


view of the ferry

(The ferry slipway at Glenelg with the Glenachulish approaching)

In season, the alternative option is to arrive by the Glenelg Ferry – another unforgettable experience, as you take the passage across the fast flowing tidal currents onboard the worlds last remaining turntable ferry.

Part of the uniqueness of our area and the charm of Glenelg and Arnisdale is the  effort you make in getting here.

Front of glenelg shop

(The Glenelg Shop and Craft Shop on the main street)

Glenelg Village life

The main village of Glenelg is quaint and is the hub of daily life where you will find regular activity in the village shop, post office, primary school, the famous Glenelg Inn, our local doctors surgery and the Community Hall.  Each week there is a visiting mobile bank on a Thursday and a great supply of fresh fish from the fish van on Wednesdays.

Arnisdale Village

Just out of the village, near Eilean Reach Estate is the turn off for the Brochs and 9 miles in the other direction, the single track road takes you meandering on your way to find Arnisdale & Corran.

Arnisdale & Corran (Camusban)

Breathtakingly beautiful, the 9 mile trip from Glenelg to get here is well worth it and while here a trip to The Ceilidh House & Heritage Centre is highly recommended as your first port of call.  Do not miss the world famous “Sheena’s Tea Hut” in Corran!

Within the building of The Ceilidh House, the heritage display tells the story of this wee place and creates a perspective from which you can truly appreciate these tiny villages with their current population of 38 people.

Arnisdale and Corran are popular destinations for those who discover them and some people even try to keep them a secret because they are so special!   

Embrace the adventure

There is much to see and explore in the area which is steeped in a rich history and offers great adventure for those who enjoy the outdoors, discovery and history.  While here you can:

  • Visit the Brochs
  • Take a trip to the Kylerhea Otter Hide
  • Jump aboard the Ferry
  • Enjoy great Coffee and fresh salads from The Wagon @ Corrary
  • Eat local shellfish at The Glenelg Inn
  • Consider the Monument
  • Travel to the Ceilidh House & Heritage Centre, Arnisdale and read the rich history of the area and perhaps catch an event or two
  • Experience the famous Sheena’s Tea Hut, Corran
  • Take a boat out Mackerel Fishing
  • Pick your own shellfish along the shorelines and beaches
  • Choose from a number of graded local Walks
  • Moor your yacht in the Bay of Glenelg or Arnisdale
  • The roads here are perfect for cycling and the hills make for a thrilling decent!
  • Pony Trecking with Our Highland Pony Club
  • Glenelg Geocaching – Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.  Visit www.geocaching.com for details of our local caches.

Where to stay

There are numerous B&B’s, self catering houses and The Glenelg Inn.  For those who prefer to be a little more independent, there is a campsite at Moyle which is signposted on the decent into Glenelg.

Our Community

We are a small but resilient community, often asked “but what do you do here?”  Well, quite a lot actually!

Some townships in the area are still fairly active with crofting practices – fishing, livestock and crops.  The invention of the polytunnel has been well utilised and increases local productivity, improving the range of fruits and vegetables that we can grow locally.  The Wagon @ Corrary open their polytunnels for people to take a look and see what’s growing, they also sell their fresh produce from a small kiosk.

Many people who are not self employed, work for the local Estates – (Eilean Reach in Glenelg and Arnisdale Estate).  There are numerous businesses which employ local people – Chillwind, Trac, NHS, Highland Council, The Glenelg Inn, The Glenelg Ferry but employment is an issue in our area with limited opportunities, infrequently presenting themselves.

However, the future looks bright for Glenelg & Arnisdale as we improve local opportunity by harnessing our own future growth and development.  Several projects are underway which address local issues and provide solutions to these issues we experience – employment, improvement to care services and infrastructure and provision of local housing.

More information about the Community can be found by downloading our local plan:

2012 Community Development Plan – Glenelg & Arnisdale

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